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This is Revival

The Acts of the Holy Spirit


Easter 2019

Christmas 2018

“The Most Wonderful Time of the Year”

I Am Who I Am

Who Jesus Says He Is

Night Visions

The Book of Daniel

Easter 2018

Three Thieves & Three Hearts

In the Lions Den

The Book of Daniel

Christmas 2017

Come and Behold

In Our Day

Celebrating 10 Years of God's Grace

Rebels of Grace

The Book of Romans

Easter 2017

Beautiful Ashes

Chasing the Wind

Ecclesiastes & the Vanity of Life

Now And Forever

Praying the Priorities of Jesus

Christmas 2016

O Holy Night


Studies in 1 John

Take Heart

Stepping Out in His Presence and Power

The Revolution of Man

Mark's Gospel

Thank God It’s Monday

Finding Purpose in our Work

Easter 2016

Death in Life. Life in Death.

When Dreams Come True

The Story of Joseph


Making the Most of 2016

Christmas 2015

The King of Kings

The King of Kings II

The Fall of a Man

His Story Our Story '15

The Invitation

The King of Kings I

The Rise of a King

The End of Hypocrisy

The Book of James

Easter 2015

The Three Swords

Happiness Is

Jesus & the Beatitudes

His Story Our Story ‘14

Celebrating Seven Years of God's Grace

We Are

Ephesians & the Church

Easter 2014

Painted Red & Painted White

Christmas 2013

The Greatest Story Ever Told

His Story Our Story ‘13

Celebrating Another Year of God's Grace

Tough Questions

For the Church

More Than Gold

1 & 2 Peter

Easter 2013

Jesus' Mission

The Light

The Gospel of John

8 Reasons

Jesus Came to Earth

The Naked Church

1 Corinthians


The Parables of Jesus

Stand Alone Talks

A Collection of Stand Alone Talks from Sundays Services and Events