The Life of Christ

When the second member of the Triune God clothed himself in flesh and walked on earth, we as creation were given a unique insight into the unseen creator of our lives. The bible has much to say regarding the context, purpose and outcome of the first coming of Jesus, but it is within the pages of the four Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke & John) that we are given a biographical account of his time on earth. In the Gospels we learn of Jesus’ genealogy and the remarkable circumstances surrounding his birth, fulfilling the long-awaited promise from God to his people in Old Testament Israel. These gospels contain records of Jesus’ ministry, teaching, and miracles, each upholding and illuminating the manifold glory of God to his audience – then and now. We are given honest account of the trial and crucifixion that Jesus endured. We learn, also, of his resurrection and appearance to hundreds of people, and eventually his ascension back to the right hand of the Father. Jesus’ time on earth also ushered in the final covenant of grace, fulfilling God’s plan for redemption to all who would put their faith in his Son, regardless of religious or ethnic lineage. To this end, Jesus’ teachings during his earthly life also provide a significant blueprint for those who are saved into his kingdom, as new citizens under his eternal reign.