Making the Most of our Digital Gatherings

Sam Low

21 March 2020

Tomorrow marks the launch of City on a Hill Digital!

This is a moment for our churches to gather even as we are scattered in homes across the country. In fact this is a moment where we effectively open our doors to people from across the globe! The church is by definition the gathering of the people of God, but that gathering is so much more than physical, it is the work of God’s Spirit drawing people together in the gospel.

This week as we gather around screens we are the church, and we are trusting God to work mightily as we sing, pray and open his word. We’re praying that this Sunday, like every Sunday we have gathered before, would be life giving and life transforming for you. A moment for you, wherever you are, to encounter the beauty, truth and relevance of Jesus.

So how can you make the most of your first Sunday digital gathering?


Prepare. Be ready to go 10 minutes before your service is starting, bible and notebook ready, computer or TV set up and connected, and expectant for God to work.

Pray. Ask God to work in you, to reveal himself to you and to work in the lives of all your brothers and sisters gathered across at least 4 cities. The power of the church gathered is not the location or the polish of the presentation, it is the Holy Spirit, the same power that raised Jesus from the dead, so pray big and lets see what God will do!


On the day, you’ll need either a computer, a phone or a smart TV with an internet connection. The services will start on time so be set up and ready to go at least 10 minutes before start time. There are four services starting at 9am, 11am, 6pm and 8pm AEDT (8am, 10am, 5pm and 7pm if you’re in QLD).


City on a Hill Digital offers you the ultimate digital experience. With features such as the bible, live chat, and prayer, it will help you to engage in worship online. This is the ideal option for couples or individuals tuning in on a computer or a phone. Head to


We offer you YouTube Live for easy integration with your smart TV, so you can experience the digital gathering in the living room at home. This is great option if you have a small group of people meeting together. Head to


Facebook Live is a great way to easily share digital gatherings with your friends. Head to the new City on a Hill Movement page and give it a like. Head to


Each Sunday families can join in together for our digital gatherings. Along with the main service, we are also producing a weekly program City Kids TV. CKTV is a place for your kids to have fun, join in on competitions, learn truth from the Bible, and grow as little followers of Jesus.

Kids can watch this while parents are watching the sermon, or even better parents can watch it with their kids after the main service. We’ll be providing resources for parents to use with their kids after watching CKTV. Head to tomorrow to watch Episode 01. In the mean time watch this video from Pastor Dave Miers about "ideas for your family going digital".


Remember church is not a spectator sport, on the screen or in front of the screen you are part of this. Once the service has started go all in. Stand up to sing, ‘amen’ when we pray, take notes, do all the things you would do if you were actually in the room. Whether you’re with your family, with a few friends or even by yourself God’s word encourages us, ‘draw near to God, and he will draw near to you.’ (James 4:8)

After the service make sure you connect with people from your local church, ring someone, send a message and share what God is doing. If you’re not yet in a Gospel Community, now would be a great time to join to make sure you have a community to love and encourage you in this unique season we are facing. If you’d like any info about Gospel Communities or to sign up, head to

We’re praying for you and can’t wait to hear how God comforts, encourages, challenges and transforms you as we gather this weekend.

Sam Low

Sam joined the team in 2018 as one of our inaugural church planting residents in our Planters Academy. Sam is now the Lead Pastor of City on a Hill Gold Coast which launched publicly in 2020. Sam has a passion to see people discover the life, joy, and hope that is only found in Jesus. He loves to preach the bible to whoever will listen and is energised by seeing leaders developed and released to use their gifts and passions for God’s glory. Sam is married to Sally and they have three sons Bailey, Hudson and Zion. He is an ordained Anglican Minister.