Aurora's Story

1 April 2021

“He gives me calm in the chaos.” - Aurora

Aurora is no stranger to conflict and suffering; growing up in a refugee camp and experiencing domestic violence within her family. She had to quickly learn from a young age how to mediate conflict and manage her anger when what was happening around her was out of her control. Following her husband’s affair and her marriage ending, Aurora was led to a place of great frustration of not being able to find peace and control in the things around her. God met her in the chaos, to show her that he is sovereign and her true source of peace and calm.

“I realised the only way I could find peace was to turn to God who is 100% in control. In his perfect goodness and sovereignty and his promises to me in Christ I could have peace and bear with any future sufferings that come my way.”

When we meet Jesus, His story becomes our story. We experience true life and freedom in His grace and love for us.