Ancient Wisdom for a Modern World


The book of Proverbs comes as the written legacy of King Solomon's great gift of wisdom that was given from the Lord (Proverbs 1:1), and invites all men and women to read and learn from it to navigate life’s complex questions and decisions, and to live well.

Despite this compelling call, many Christians today would admit that Proverbs rarely features in their daily devotions. As a modern people in search for wisdom, we often opt for self-help, and inspirational guides to healthy living and success rather than words of ancient wisdom. To add to the challenge, the proverbial style, with its punchy sayings and mysterious riddles, makes this rich book somewhat tedious to study, and unpopular to teach and preach.

In this series, we will tackle these challenges, dig into the valuable wisdom that God gave us through Proverbs, and let it impact our thinking and our living. Biblical wisdom is for all of life. It unites belief in God and action in accordance with God’s laws and precepts, so that those who seek wisdom will not only understand, but will know what to do with what they come to understand.

In the coming weeks, we will discover that Proverbs is a timeless book, written specifically to young men and women braving adulthood. We will also see that this ancient book addresses contemporary issues, while providing practical advice in a compelling way.