God vs Science

Colossians 1:15-20

Many see religion and science as polar opposites, so how does a God-believing scientist view the world? What’s the difference between science and scientism?

Unlike science, a God-designed tool which deals with facts produced through observation and calculations, scientism is taking the beauty of science and letting in shape our entire worldview. God is the beginning of the cosmos, creating a rational, ordered world through space, time, and matter. From the bible's perspective, we are all scientists. We were made to be stewards over the earth and to fear God, which is the beginning of all wisdom. Through Jesus, who confidently asks us to validate his existence, we can know God.

16 Sep 2014

Simon Angus

Simon Angus is an Economist at Monash University, and in his spare time serves the City on a Hill Movement as the Strategy & Analysis Pastor, and Many Rooms Ltd as a Board Director. Simon is married to Susan and has 3 kids. He loves complexity and systems thinking, trail running and dreaming about the next Lego build.

Simon has qualifications in industrial chemistry, political philosophy and economics from the University of New South Wales and in Theology from Moore College.