Our world is woven together by thousands of promises. Every day, men and women make promises to each other, to themselves and even to God to provide some stability in an unpredictable and uncertain world. But, despite our best intentions, circumstances may render our promises impossible to keep; more often than not, we change our mind or find it too difficult to keep our commitment.

And while we may have lost confidence in man-made promises, the Bible tells us of the one true God who, in His perfection, makes promises that are truthful, authoritative and certain. They are not mere words. They speak of a commitment that assures us that what has been promised will always come about.

In the series Promises, we will explore eight promises of Christ.

Jesus made many promises to His people. He promised to provide for the needy, to fill the empty, to free the anxious, to uplift the weary, to comfort the discouraged, to inspire the faithful, and to be present with the lonely. For Christians today, they are all at once the greatest source of solace, the strongest reason for trust, and the most powerful weapon against unbelief.

As we explore these promises, we will be challenged to believe them, heed our responsibility and walk by faith in our Lord Jesus Christ.