Romans 13:8-14

Romans 13:8-14

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Melbourne West

Luke Nelson // 26 Oct 2017

Luke Nelson

Luke Nelson is the Lead Pastor at Melbourne West. Luke is married to Evanna and has three boys - Fynn, Jude and Tate. Luke used to love playing sport, now he loves watching it ... He also loves playing Lego with the kids and rearranging furniture with his wife!

Luke has a Graduate Diploma in Ministry and is working towards completion of his Masters of Ministry, having previously being awarded a Bachelor of Arts with Honours from Melbourne University. Luke is an ordained Anglican minister in the Diocese of Melbourne.


Ian Scarborough // 26 Oct 2017

Ian Scarborough

Ian Scarborough is the Executive Pastor (Operations) for the City on a Hill Central team. Ian is married to Lisa, and they have two children, Jack and Emily. Ian has an Associate Degree in Theology from Moore Theological College, and Undergraduate and Postgraduate degrees in Science from Wollongong University. He has experience in operations management in the allied health and human services fields. He is a licensed lay Anglican minister in the Diocese of Melbourne.


Guy Mason // 26 Oct 2017

Guy Mason

Guy Mason is the Lead Pastor and founder of City on a Hill.. He is a passionate communicator, deep theological thinker and someone who is able to take the message of the bible and apply it to contemporary culture. If being a Pastor doesn’t keep Guy busy enough, he is also the husband to Vanessa and the father to Summer, Zach and Jacob and Lilly. He is a member of Acts 29, an ordained Anglican Minister, and a long suffering Melbourne Football Club supporter.