The Books of Ezra & Nehemiah

God’s people have a unique mission. Whilst everyone else is building wealth, status and control, God calls us to build his kingdom. Not a kingdom built of silver and gold, but an eternal Kingdom. A Kingdom ruled by an everlasting and powerful King - a King of life, love, and truth.

Ezra and Nehemiah is a story of the faithfulness of God, of the spiritual renewal of his people under his care and call. It is a story of salvation and restored purpose and hope. A story of people brought home to God and empowered in his mission.

The story of Ezra and Nehemiah is a story for us.

In Jesus Christ, you belong to God’s Kingdom. You are a member of his holy temple. You have been redeemed and renewed by the blood of Jesus to shine the glory and splendour of God into the city, the neighbourhood, the workplace, the family, the friendships in which you live.

You have been brought home to God so that you may declare his praises and take your part in the building of his church.

‘Rebuild’ will equip and unite us as a movement to continue building God’s kingdom, growing in our relationships with one another and building our lives around Jesus’ mission - trusting God to pave the way before us.