The Parables of Jesus

We all have stories.

Stories help us make sense of who we are and the world we are in. They shape our culture. They shape our relationships. They shape our decisions. They shape us.

Jesus is the most famous storyteller who ever lived.

Throughout His ministry he taught through ‘parables’ – stories coloured with humour, intriguing characters, twists and turns. The parables of Jesus are works of art, taking us into a world of mystery, imagination and suprise. A world where His story is our story, and our story is found within His story.

This series unpacks Jesus' parables of sadness, joy, death, life, darkness, light, hell, heaven, abandonment, acceptance, repentance, and grace.


The Samaritan

Luke 10v30-37

At Midnight

Luke 11v5-13

The Rich Fool

Luke 12v16-21

Two Brothers

Luke 15v11-32


Luke 16v19-31


Matt 25v14-30

The Debtors

Luke 7v36-50

Heaven’s Feast

Luke 14v12-24


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