The King’s Cupbearer


Nehemiah is the story of a cupbearer to the king. His role was to taste the wine before the king drank it. If someone tried to poison the king, the cupbearer played a vital part of service and sacrifice. He held one of the most important and influential positions in the kingdom. Yet in the opening chapters we read about a great burden that is on the heart of Nehemiah. The city walls of Jerusalem are down, and God has called him to rise up and rebuild.

The story that unfolds is one of courage, conviction, sin, struggle and success. Leading in a time of great uncertainty and opposition, Nehemiah learns what it means to lead after God and before His people.


A Servant Weeps

Neh 1v1-11

Broken City

Neh 2v1-20

Arise & Build

Neh 3v1-32

Enemies Assemble

Neh 4v1-23

Oppression Within

Neh 5v1-19

Returning Home

Neh 7v5-73

Great Rejoicing

Neh 8v1-18

Love & Sin

Neh 9v1-37

The Seals

Neh 9v38-10v39

Urban Renewal

Neh 11v1-12v26

Dedicate & Celebrate

Neh 12v27-47

Return & Reform

Neh 13v1-31


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