The Naked Church

1 Corinthians

Investigating Paul’s letter to the Corinthians, we discover one of the earliest Christian churches - whose sex, lies, envy and selfish-pride would suit any late night reality TV show.

Their revealing story not only highlights the glory and garbage of church life - but will grow and guide us as we seek to live for Jesus in our contemporary and urban culture.


The Church of God

1 Cor 1v1-9

The Spirit From God

1 Cor 2v6-16

Infants In Christ

1 Cor 3v1-23

Fools For Christ

1 Cor 4v1-21

Old Leaven

1 Cor 5v1-6v11

Jesus & Culture

1 Cor 9v19-27

Naked Idolatry

1 Cor 10v1-21

Christians & Culture

1 Cor 10v23-33

Naked Clothes

1 Cor 11v1-16

Naked Supper

1 Cor 11v17-34

Naked Gifts I

1 Cor 12v1-31

Naked Gifts II

1 Cor 13v1-13

Naked Gifts III

1 Cor 14v1-25

Naked Gifts IV

1 Cor 14v26-40

Naked Giving

1 Cor 16v1-4

Naked Close

1 Cor 16v5-24


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