The Songs of Summer II


Summer is a fantastic time of year in Melbourne. The bitter chill is finally shaken off, the throngs in thongs head for the beach, BBQs are dusted off and fired up, lawns are mowed, gelato is consumed and drinks are iced. The summer warmth gives us a new lease of energy, driving us outside to rejoice with friends and family.

This is a grace of God. In His goodness He created and maintains the seasons. His good gifts lift our thoughts and affections in praise and thanksgiving to Him. In this season of warmth, we want to celebrate and join in with creation that continually ‘sings for joy before the Lord’ (Psalm 98).

The Psalms are a collection of songs, which were written to give voice to deep and powerful emotions. In our series we will be exploring Psalms that worship God for His magnificence, sovereignty, grace, faithfulness and love.