Acts and History

11 July 2019

This seminar gets up close to ancient culture and archaeology by interacting with, reading, transcribing, and even holding ancient artefacts that are over 2000 years old, bringing the text of Acts to life in a unique, vibrant and tangible manner.

Examine aspects of the cultural and social setting of the Bible and Early Christianity, which have been established through the archaeological record, and relate these to specific passages in Acts.

Our goal is to grow in knowing Jesus and making him known as we understand key passages in Acts, as well as deepen our confidence in the historical reliability of the text.

Dr. Michael Theophilus has extensive teaching and research experience in the historical and social context of the New Testament.

Michael Theophilos

Michael is a New Testament scholar at ACU (Australian Catholic University) with particular interest in Greco-Roman material culture, especially papyri and ancient coinage, for the purposes of illuminating the historical, linguistic, and social setting of early Christianity. He holds a PhD in New Testament from Oxford University (2008) and has completed further studies in several ancient languages (Greek, Latin, Coptic, Hebrew, Ugaritic, and Akkadian). He has written 30 publications to date including three sole-authored books.