Witnesses - Episode 6 (Courage)

17 July 2019

You may have felt:

To be honest, I’m quite scared of bearing witness to Jesus.

The main point of this episode:

While this series has tried to address the various mind games which stop us from witnessing to Jesus, at the end of the day it just takes courage to take that next step. This episode gives lots of stories of courage in bearing witness to Christ—not big 'stand-up-in-front-of-thousands' or 'confessing-Christ-when-facing-death' stories. Everyday stories of courage where ordinary Christians have stepped up in faith.

Graeme Chiswell

Graeme is the Discipleship Director at City on a Hill Melbourne. His passion is equipping Christians to be firmly established as disciples of Jesus—able to help others become and grow as disciples too. He and his wife Nicky have been married for more than three decades and they are the parents of two married sons, David and Michael. Alongside immediate family and golf, the love of his life at present is his new granddaughter, Eden.