Behind The Scenes - Whom Shall I Send

Sylvia Dicker

24 November 2020

Storytelling through illustration is a unique way to serve God, and every artist is a little different in their process, but there are some essential things I keep in mind when getting started.

For me, most mornings I sit and spend time in God’s word. I pray that the Holy Spirit would illuminate the scriptures and help me to understand more of who God is and what he has said through the ages. As someone who is more visually inclined, when I read the bible I can see character formation, and that, to me, is one of the most invaluable parts about the bible.

When creating a scene with people in it, I consider their personal character, which then translates to clothes, hairstyle, facial expression, body posture, etc. This is probably the hardest yet most enjoyable part in illustrating.

On a project that has a small turn-around I try to calculate the hours it will take me to serve God in this way. Sometimes a project can take double the time, so I try to allow for that time especially when you know you will be experimenting (experimenting is essential!)

I love a good graphite pencil, which helps me nut out the original idea in my head. It’s nothing fancy as you can see in the illustrations in my notepad. I try to find the composition and then move on quickly.

Usually I paint and draw the picture, then edit digitally at the end, but for this project I used only a digital tool. I check in regularly with the scriptures in mind through the process to ensure the concept falls in line with the passages, as well as turn to the Creative Director for feedback.

I really enjoyed creating this with City on a Hill for the book of Isaiah. It was great to share our talents in creating and expressing such a profound book where it feels every page is a prophecy of Jesus Christ and his coming kingdom.

Sylvia Dicker