Free Advent Calendar

Matt Keller

1 December 2020

Christmas is such an exciting time of year! As we’ve been learning from Isaiah together, hopefully you’ve become even more excited to see how God’s promises hundreds of years earlier are fulfilled in our Lord Jesus.

This year may be a very different Christmas for many of us. Perhaps you won’t be able to gather with family as you have done in the past. Perhaps your Christmas meals will have to be at a restaurant or outside. Perhaps there will be no option to gather with God’s people.

Nonetheless God’s goodness to us continues. We want to remember and celebrate God’s goodness in always keeping his promises and in sending Jesus to achieve even more than the prophet Isaiah ever imagined! So let’s countdown to Christmas together by reminding ourselves of God’s promises. Each day either read the verse listed or attach the picture indicated to our series poster. As you do so thank God for his goodness, praise the Lord Jesus for coming to save us, and get excited for Christmas!


Matt Keller

Matt is the Director of our Next Generation ministries. As such, each week he experiences the joy of investing in the health, unity and growth of our children's and youth ministry volunteers and staff. Matt is an ordained Anglican minister who has been involved in kids and youth work for around 25 years, and still feels he has the greatest job in the world. He also loves reading, watching movies, playing basketball and surfing with his children Anastasia, Xander and Mali and spending time with his wife Emilie.