Making Marriage Last

1 Corinthians 1:1-13

We are mass produced by our culture, and are predisposed to thinking our culture is right. Yet, marriage is not a contract but a lifelong covenant, where the man leaves his family to become one with his wife. This is in direct contradiction to the context of the time where the wife would be the one to leave the family. Whilst marriage is meant to be lifelong, there are situations where it must not be: adultery, domestic violence, and any situation that endangers you and your children. However, ‘moving on’ should always be a tactical separation for safety during battle. This should be done with a heart of reconciliation, wishing for the person to repent of their dishonouring God, and be saved.


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30 Sep 2018

Dave May

Dave is the Communications Director for City on a Hill. He is passionate about seeing creatives serve Christ with their craft and using media to communicate the gospel. He has a Diploma in Graphic Design and Bachelor of Theology at Ridley College. Prior to City on a Hill he designed album artworks and myspace layouts for a living. He is married to Lauren and they have three kids, Zoe, Levi and Freya. To unwind he enjoys baking sourdough, brewing beer, and making coffee.