I Am the Bread of Life

John 6:22-59

Our problem is not starvation, but damnation. We seek to be physically satisfied and fed, like the crowd that followed Jesus and expected a meal. We deceive ourselves, by feasting on things that we think would lead to life but they actually lead to death and disappointment.

Jesus is the bread of life — satisfying our need to be rescued from our sin, and from the wages of sin - namely, death. By calling himself bread, Jesus is saying that he has taken upon himself a body that is vulnerable, a body that is to be broken. When we eat bread at communion, we remember that God took upon himself human flesh, having been crushed for our iniquities on the cross.

In order for bread to be eaten, it must first be broken (and the grain must be crushed). In order to give us life and salvation, Jesus had to be broken and crushed on the cross for our sins.

Let us feast upon him, hunger for him, and know him as the one in whom eternal life is found. We are beggars who do not deserve his bread, yet receive it as a gift.


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4 Nov 2018

Joel Deacon

Joel Deacon is the Lead Pastor of City on a Hill Wollongong. He is firmly convinced that we are designed for community, especially in a big and sometimes lonely city like Wollongong. Before becoming a pastor, Joel worked as a Civil Engineer and is always up for a chat about roads and bridges. But his greatest passion is talking to people about Jesus. Joel is married to Emma, and they have three kids Elijah, Isaac and Lily. An ideal day off for Joel would include coffee with his wife, smelling flowers with his daughter, wrestling with his boys, reading, and staying up late to watch EPL.

4 Nov 2018

Graeme Chiswell

Graeme is the Discipleship Minister at City on a Hill Melbourne. His passion is equipping Christians to be firmly established as disciples of Jesus—able to help others become and grow as disciples too. He and his wife Nicky have been married for nearly four decades and they are the parents of two married sons. Alongside immediate family, going to the movies and golf, the loves of his life at present are his two granddaughters.

4 Nov 2018

Nick Coombs

Nick is the Lead Pastor of City on a Hill Melbourne East. He loves Jesus, is passionate about connecting deep theology with everyday life, and eager to make a difference in the time he has by helping plant as many churches as possible. After Jesus, Nick loves his wife Jules, and his two kids, Axel and Aria. He holds an MDiv from Ridley College, is a member of Acts 29, an ordained Anglican minister and gives too much of his time to fantasy sports.