I Am the True Vine

John 15:1-17

Jesus tells us he is the true vine that replaces the old faithless vine (Israel), reminding us that in him is life of joy-filled fruit. Our life has been trimmed by the saving work of Jesus, promising us that we will continue to be pruned and bear fruit. Getting pruned hurts but it is needed for us to bear fruit. Without him, all we are doing is putting decorations on a rotting uprooted tree.

Our proximity to Christ points us to joy, the love of Christ keeps us in joy, and obedience to him allows us to participate in joy. He wants us to experience joy when we are ‘on the court with him’ and partner with him in ‘scoring points’ for his kingdom. He wants to love us, and for our joy to be complete in him. When we abide in Christ, our joy is complete, and we are filled with a desire to make known his love to others. He also fills us with faith, a knowledge of his wants, and a desire to pray his will.


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17 Dec 2018

Graeme Chiswell

Graeme is the Discipleship Minister at City on a Hill Melbourne. His passion is equipping Christians to be firmly established as disciples of Jesus—able to help others become and grow as disciples too. He and his wife Nicky have been married for nearly four decades and they are the parents of two married sons. Alongside immediate family, going to the movies and golf, the loves of his life at present are his two granddaughters.

16 Dec 2018

Brenton Jayatilaka

Brenton is one of the discipleship ministers and pastors at City on a Hill Melbourne. His hope for the church is to see our people feel uneasy when we aren’t growing in our love for Jesus, our community and our city. He is married to Lauren, and is dad to Lucy and Teddy. Brenton was born and raised in Perth to Malaysian and Australian parents, spent 16 years in the USA and lives in the Box Hill area.