If God Predestined People To Salvation, Why Bother With Evangelism?

Romans 10:11-15

The question of predestination is a family discussion, to be talked about with grace and love knowing that it is ultimately a mystery.

Our church holds to the Calvinist or Reformed view of predestination. Sin is in our nature and we naturally are unable to choose God. We are spiritually dead in our sins, and those who are dead cannot choose to live again. God is sovereign, and his highest value is his glory. It is loving for God to intervene. Salvation has been secured from eternity past, for eternity future.

We are called to obey, and evangelism is effective because God predestines to salvation. God doesn’t need us, but he invites us to participate in his work for our joy and for his glory.

30 Sep 2013

Guy Mason

Guy is the founding and Senior Pastor of City on a Hill, a church that began in 2007 with a small team and a big vision. Today City on a Hill is a movement of many churches that gathers across multiple locations, in different cities and is united around the central mission of knowing Jesus and making Jesus known. Guy is a passionate communicator of the gospel who is committed to engaging culture with the beauty, truth, and relevance of Jesus. Guy graduated with a BA in Public Relations from RMIT University, has a Masters of Divinity from Ridley College and is currently completing a Doctorate of Ministry with Wheaton College. He is the husband to Vanessa and the father to four children. He is an ordained Anglican Minister and serves as an Archdeacon in the Diocese of Melbourne.