Can A Christian Lose Their Salvation?

Romans 8:28-39

Those whom God foreknew and predestined to be conformed to the image of the Son are also called, justified, and will be glorified. All those who are glorified at the end were those who have been foreknown from the beginning. None of those whom God predestined can be lost. The divine hands of God are safe hands. His sheep follow the voice of God, and cannot be snatched away. When God saves someone, he saves them forever. God makes us born again and saves us to an imperishable inheritance. He is keeping us in the faith, though we are prone to wander.

Biblical passages that seem to suggest a Christian can fall away are just warnings. We are to read them as such and pray ‘God keep us’. We are to examine whether we are in the faith, and continue to live for the glory of God. Hebrews 6 tells of those who have tasted the gospel and believed it, and shared in the power of the Holy Spirit, yet fall away and cannot be restored to repentance. Jesus himself shares a parable where many who prophesied and preached yet still do not know God. Judas looked and acted like a real disciple so that no one knew he would betray Jesus. That is why we must examine ourselves and pray that God keeps us in the faith.

We don’t know who the prodigals are, so we go after them and pray. If we have true faith and repentance, we are saved.

23 Sep 2013

Sam Wright