More Than Gold

The Books of 1 & 2 Peter

On February 12th 1851, a young Englishman by the name of Edward Hammond Hargraves made a discovery in New South Wales that radically changed the land in which we now live. Remarkably, his breakthrough saw the Australian population triple in just the next two decades. What did he find that inspired a worldwide interest in our great land down under?

He struck gold! The most valuable and sought after of all metal was found at his feet in abundance, and the Australian gold rush began.

Through exploring the writings of Peter, one of Jesus’ closest disciples, he makes the remarkable claim that our faith in Jesus is ‘more precious than gold.’ It’s a powerful and multifaceted statement that speaks of our journey with Jesus and in the world.

Like gold, we come under fire. The early church were constantly under trial. The political, social, spiritual and personal pressures associated with Christ-like discipleship were like fire that sought to destroy their faith. Yet, like fire to gold, these trials have a refining effect, exposing inferior elements and drawing out true beauty and enduring worth.

And while gold is a valuable currency, it will eventually fade and one day pass. In contrast, the gospel of Jesus is more supremely precious because it promises a life that will never run out, but grow and deepen into all eternity.

In God's strength, we will be all we were made for. We will be 'More than Gold'.



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