Tough Questions

For the Church

We invited you to ask honest, bold and relevant questions about God, life, church and the world we live in.

Hundreds of questions were asked and we selected your Top 40 questions and opened the lines for voting. Thousands of votes came in and your Top 8 have been selected and will be addressed in order of popularity over eight weeks.

These are the questions that you, your friends, family and work colleagues have about God, life and faith.

Whatever the question - no matter how big, how small or how tough.

Q8 What should Christians think about abortion?
Q7 What happens to those who’ve never heard the gospel? Can they be saved?
Q6 Sex before marriage… how far is too far?
Q5 Can a Christian lose their salvation?
Q4 If God predestined people for salvation, why bother with evangelism?
Q3 What is the relationship between God's sovereignty and our free will?
Q2 Do you have to be heterosexual to be a Christian?
Q1 Should Christians support same-sex marriage?