Faith and Wisdom

James 3:13-18

Our generation is information-rich but that doesn't mean wisdom has increased. The goal of all wisdom, knowledge, and insight is about fearing God. Without the fear of the lord, you could have all the knowledge and wisdom in the world and you still wouldn't be wise. Even in the church, we claim to know the bible and God but James wants us to prove our wisdom by our character and works.

Earthly wisdom comes from the flesh and the devil, denying God. It's characterised by self-centeredness and worldly ambition, leading to disorder, vile-practices, jealousy, bitterness, and incurring God's judgement. Heavenly wisdom freely comes from God to those who ask for it. It's characterised by purity, peace, gentleness, meekness, mercy and works done without expecting reward. We must recognise that we are nothing without God, turn to him, and away from bitterness, jealousy, and self-centeredness. Heavenly wisdom leads to a harvest of righteousness.


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25 Jun 2015

Luke Nelson

Luke is the Lead Pastor of City on a Hill Melbourne West. He joined City on a Hill in its early days, serving as the Community Pastor in Melbourne, before being asked to lead his own church plant. Having grown up in Melbourne's western suburbs, he has a deep knowledge of and passion for the area, and a great desire to see the gospel bring transformation. A gifted communicator, he loves the work of pastoring a church, opening God's word each week and seeing the Spirit work. Luke graduated with a BA (Hons) from Melbourne University, has a Grad Dip in Divinity from Ridley College, and is close to completing a Masters of Ministry. He is an ordained Anglican minister in the Diocese of Melbourne and an active member of the Acts 29.

7 Jun 2015

Dave Miers

Dave Miers is the Lead Pastor of City on a Hill: Brisbane. He is the husband to Rowena, and they have three children: Sam, Tom, and Beth. He loves Jesus and is passionate about using new mediums to communicate the timeless message of Christ crucified and risen. Dave is a member of Acts 29 and also an ordained Anglican Minister. In his downtime, he enjoys soccer, sushi, and sunsets.