A Song of Rescue

Psalm 103

Sin is the barrier that cuts us off from the goodness of God. It is a sickness that ultimately leads to the pit. Through Christ’s death and resurrection we are rescued from sin, the brokenness of the world, death, and hell.

The rescue of the cross pulls us out of the depths and sets us on the shoulders of our Heavenly Father, crowned with faithful love and compassion, satisfied with goodness, and with youth renewed like an eagle. God is renewing and restoring us one day at a time to be the perfect version of ourselves through Christ.

God is God and we are dust, yet He loves us with an unconditional love. We are to see what God likes and remember what God deserves. Psalm 103 is the song of a rescue from sin and hell to the goodness and faithful love of God. We are to sing this song over the soundtrack of the world, knowing one day we will sing this song in Jesus’ physical presence.


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12 Oct 2020

Nick Coombs

Nick is the Lead Pastor of City on a Hill Melbourne East. He loves Jesus, is passionate about connecting deep theology with everyday life, and eager to make a difference in the time he has by helping plant as many churches as possible. After Jesus, Nick loves his wife Jules, and his two kids, Axel and Aria. He holds an MDiv from Ridley College, is an ordained Anglican minister and gives too much of his time to fantasy sports.

11 Oct 2020

Leigh DiProse

Leigh and his wife Helen have been married for 45 years. Together they have had 43 years in Baptist Pastoral ministry in both country and city church landscapes. Being farm raised, both Leigh and Helen love animals and country culture. Together they have complemented one another in ministry as a dynamic team. With four children and nine grandchildren, they are now regularly involved in their 'Ma and Pa' roles! Since retiring from full time ministry he has set up a ministry called ‘Roving Revs’ to give encouraging support to Pastors for ministry continuance. He also serves as lay pastor at City on a Hill Melbourne West where his key responsibilities entail praying, mentoring, discipling, showing pastoral care, encouraging evangelism, preaching and teaching and lending support to the pastoral team.