The Book of Psalms

The Book of Psalms is a unique and precious gift for God’s people.

Written thousands of years ago, the Psalms have been sung and prayed throughout the ages. Both memorable and mysterious, they journey with us through every stage of life, shaping the faith of children and informing the wise.

Within the Psalms we find the full range of human emotion: joy and despair; praise and pleading; thankfulness and lament. Together, they give us a language with which we can approach God in every season and circumstance of life. To quote Tim Keller: ‘Psalms anticipate and train you for every possible spiritual, social, and emotional condition – they show you what the dangers are, what you should keep in mind, what your attitude should be, how to talk to God about it, and how to get from God the help you need.’

We turn to the Psalms now, looking to BREATHE.

Amidst the madness of 2020, we breathe in God’s promises, looking for sustenance and calm – and we breathe out our praises, finding in his comfort a reason for joy and hope.