God vs The World

In 1882, the great German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche made the controversial claim: 'God is dead'.

To Nietzsche, science and reason provided the evidence that God was neither real nor relevant.

The great light of the world was to him a fraud, a creation of man that needed to be put out.

Despite the claim of Nietzsche, belief in God continues. In fact, God is worshipped in the 21st century by more people, in more places than ever before. And yet, the objections persist, and today they appear with renewed passion and precision.

  • ‘Jesus cannot be the only God in a world with so many religions.’
  • ‘Science has proven the absence of God.’
  • ‘A loving God would never allow this much pain.’
  • ‘The church causes more evil than good.’
  • ‘God is the cosmic killjoy.’
  • ‘I don’t need God.’

How does God respond to the defeaters of our day? Does He stand? Does He fall? Is He listening? Or is He dead?

In ‘God vs the World’, we will explore the most common objections to God in a post-modern world. These are his strongest opponents. These are our defeaters.

Let’s hear His response.