The End of Hypocrisy

The Book of James

Belief in God is far from dead.

A recent study found 43% of Australian’s believe that Jesus rose from the dead, and a staggering 74% believe in the existence of God. And yet despite these views, many are not connected with the Christian church or faith.

Those who might consider themselves as being open spiritually are often blocked from considering faith due to a number of attitudes they hold towards the church.

According to McCrindle Research, the top three ‘belief blockers’ were church abuse, judgementalism and hypocrisy. In other words, Christians like to talk the talk, but don’t walk the walk. As Brennan Manning famously said, 'this is what an unbelieving world, simply finds unbelievable.'

Over 15 weeks we will be studying the book of James with the goal of seeing “The End of Hypocrisy.”

More than any other book in the bible, James presents a bold challenge for Christians to address the distance between faith and obedience. Like a man looking in the mirror, only to forget who he is when he walks away, so is the man who hears God’s word but fails to live God’s word.

‘The End of Hypocrisy’ is more than teaching. It’s a call to act. By faith we can deepen our relationships with God, take bold and audacious steps to make a difference in our world and - in His grace - see many come to know the beauty, truth and relevance of Jesus.

To assist you throughout the series we have developed a Journal Guide to help you read, reflect, respond, and remember the relevant bible passages each week.



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